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Disastrous Border Bill & Nikki Haley Embarrassed | Gov. Mike Huckabee | Ep 123

Disastrous Border Bill & Nikki Haley Embarrassed | Gov. Mike Huckabee | Ep 123

Saddened by the news of legendary country music star, Toby Keith's passing, Sean and Gov. Mike Huckabee share the impact and influence that Toby had on both of their lives.Toby was an extraordinary performer and a brilliant songwriter whose music touched people's hearts and lives. As a Conservative, he practiced what he preached, serving his community faithfully. Our condolences go out to Toby's family, friends and loved ones. Sean and Gov. Huckabee dive into politics with the now defunct border bill that would have given $60 billion in aid to Ukraine. Gov. Huckabee share about his time seeking a presidential nomination and gives his take on the embarrassing result Nikki Haley suffered in Nevada. Finally, Sean asks Gov. Huckabee if his daughter Sarah, current Governor of Arkansas, has interest in being President Trump's VP.


Governor Mike Huckabee |  @HuckabeeonTBN 

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