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The U.S. Debt Trap Has COLLAPSED; Hunter Found Guilty | Ep 212

Eric Hovde (R) is running for Senate in Wisconsin. He is a banking and real estate executive with Conservative and America First ideals. Hunter Biden was found guilty on all 3 counts of federal gun charges. Saying you're not on drugs the day you fill out the form asking about your drug use wasn't the best defense but essentially the only one they had. From text messages to drug residue and security camera footage it was clear he was guilty, getting a conviction in a town where the Bidens are beloved was the only surprise in this case. The Left is using the moment to pretend the justice system works while the Biden crime family remains untouched from their foreign business dealings. Eric Hovde is with me today to discuss a crucial race in the Senate between him and Tammy Baldwin. Eric is a successful real estate and banking executive and comes with real world knowledge, he wants to pull spending back and deregulate in order to surge economic growth from the hole we got ourselves into. His second biggest issue is our southern border, it is an onion that needs to be peeled back and addressed. From fentanyl to crime and housing problems "every town has become a border town." Tammy Baldwin has voted in ways that allowed these problems to grow and fester and is only now trying to distance herself. Tammy, an extreme, progressive liberal has not polled over 50% while running against first-timer Hovde and the Left is going after him with attack ads. He is a Conservative business who understands how the economy works and its not going to be bought off by the system. Featuring: Eric Hovde (R) Running for Senate in Wisconsin Founder | Hovde Financial Commercial & Residential Real Estate Executive | Hovde Properties Check out Eric's campaign and donate if you can:

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