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Trump Mistrial: Did Jury Leak Verdict? | Ep 211

A Facebook post from a juror's cousin was leaked before the verdict was delivered in court. Is this real? Will it lead to a mistrial? Congressman Lee Zeldin is with me today, and as a former attorney, he says the Trump defense needs to go on offense to find out about the potential tainted jury in Trump's trial. Trump fever intensified in California; in Newport Beach, Trump supporters flooded the streets and lined up their cars and boats to honor the president. Meanwhile, Lee spoke in Long Island at a Trump pop-up, where 3,000 people gathered to show their support. Lee is seeing more and more disenfranchised Democrats showing their support because they are just flat-out fed up with Biden. Liberal celebrities are getting unbrainwashed, and appearances on Dr. Phil are showing a different side of President Trump that the media won't show you. Democratic operative Jimmy Kimmel is hosting another fundraiser to try and prop up Joe Biden, while Kamala's appearance on his show gets the "liberal outrage" treatment from Pro-Palestine supporters. The Biden web entangles as his staffers and advisors spill the tea on how they spend their time doubling as Biden's relative's business associates. I want to thank you all for your continued support across all platforms and you can now get access to all my content in one place on my substack:

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