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Will President Trump Serve Prison Time? | Ep 214

It's Thursday here on the Sean Spicer Show which means we have an amazing panel discussion for you. The House voted to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt for crimes committed at the DOJ, particularly the recordings between special counsel Robert Hur and President Biden. Garland has his own piece in the Washington Post asking for the attacks on the DOJ to stop and let them hide their corruption and incompetence in peace. Biden side-stepped pardoning his son Hunter's conviction on felony gun charges and instead is "not ruling out" commutation for Hunter's sentencing. On July 11th, will Judge Merchan sentence Donald Trump to prison? Despite all the lawfare backfiring on the Left and Trump's popularity growing after every attack, Judge Merchan still wants to be a hero for the Left. How far will He push it? Trump will announce his Vice President at the RNC convention, my pick is sealed and ready to be opened right here on the show the day President Trump makes his announcement. Don Jr is named MAGA's king-maker, our panelists give their top 3 MAGA kings and queens. Finally Joey Chestnut, the hot dog-eating king turned down $1.2 million and will not be competing this year in Nathan's contest because he is now sponsored by Impossible Foods, the vegan alternative. Our panel weighs in on all that happened this week and give their week's winners and losers.

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